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Barrington Tops NSW Jan 2005

February 26, 2005

Barrington Tops 20050127 Posted by Hello

Barrington Tops-below Moonan Outlook 20050127 Posted by Hello

Pics from a solo ride I did down through Nundle, Timor, Moonan Flat, then east over ‘The Tops’. It was rainy and foggy on the tops (it is up to ~ 1600m asl). Then back to the New England via Thunderbolts Way. About 600 kms for the day.


Two to Japan – February 2005

February 25, 2005

Two to Japan Posted by Hello
H&E leave for Japan, Sunday 20 February 2005

two ways to live

February 9, 2005

Check out this URL above. It could be the most important thing you will ever read*. Most people have completely the wrong idea about Jesus, the good news, and what fair-dinkum Christianity is all about.

Also see

* apart from the source material! Check out the Bible itself (in a modern translation**). Start with one of the gospels, Mark or John for example.

** for example…The New International Version (NIV) or English Standard Version (ESV). Forget the King James version unless you especially like it and/or you were born a few hundred years ago. (Jesus spoke in every day language; not obscure ancient speech).