Over to iMac

It’s a long time since I posted anything. I feel ambivalent about blogs.

This post is to help me to re-learn how to use blogger.

Since the last post, we have gone from a Windows laptop (entry level laptops are not always a good buy) to an Intel iMac at home.

I can see why MacHeads get enthusiastic about their machines.

The new Intel iMacs are very nice.

I am trying to restrain my desire to try all sorts of email clients, browsers etc in the new Mac environment. Fortunately Apple Mail / Safari are very nice to work with, though not perfect by any means.

I DO have Opera on the Mac, however, and occasionally play with it. Some things about Opera are really nice. It’s a really nice browser, but suffers from not being mainstream enough. Nothing I have found in Win or Mac worlds handle RSS as nicely as Opera. Opera Mail is very nice in many ways too, but the lack of HTML formatting – and the address book (poor importing ability) – are weaknesses, IMO.

Mailers like The Bat are Windows only, so I am no longer distracted by it or other excellent bits of software (Irfanview etc). Cross platform programs like Thunderbird and Firefox are tempting, but irritate me enough at times to make them resistible so far in Mac world, especially when they go up against good competition like Apple Mail / Safari, which have the added advantage of being better integrated with the total Mac package (eg iPhoto, Address Book etc).

Plus Apple Address Book (and iCal) synchronizes nicely with my Palm through Missing Sync.

The trouble now is that my Acer laptop at work seems awfully slow, not helped I guess by corporate junk using system resources.

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