Dorrigo ride today

Just back from a very pleasant ride to Dorrigo for lunch.
A near perfect run: sunny (but hazy), light breeze, few cars, 23-27 degrees.
We both agreed the Dorrigo Plateau is as good a bike road as we have done (3 countries*, 2 continents), although I guess the great bike roads are all different.
Quite a few bugs tho – as many today (~ 250 kms) as we encountered in the whole Around AUS trip (60 days/ 17 500 kms) 🙂
Cruised along on the limit and the bike consumed just 4.9 L / 100 km (very little luggage, side boxes off, and maybe the bike has ‘run in’ a bit more 🙂
(Filled the bike this am: ULP was 132.8 CPL (we used Vortex (RON95) … and diesel was 6 cents cpl dearer. In Brisbane currently diesel is ~ 14 cents dearer (similar to WA). Go figure)
Steve L
Pics: Top: view from our usual lunch spot; Middle: Dorrigo Plateau; Bottom:  JL and Zed.
* ( I have included Qld, NT and WA as part of AUS 🙂

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