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Dietary Cure for Acne Update: Comfort Foods

November 3, 2007

Excerpt from a recent newsletter/update:

“As the weather gets colder (northern hemisphere), many people start eating more “comfort” food like pasta, or beef pot pie.

“But there are other choices that will leave your skin in much better shape. Make a beef and vegetable soup, but leave out the barley or other grains. Have some Texas-style chili, made without beans.

“Here is a nice email that came in last month I thought you might want to read:

Dermatologists are full of it, at least when it comes to acne…..I’m 41 and this is the only time besides when I lived it NZ in the early 80’s that my acne is gone….I did gain weight in NZ but my skin was nice after about 3 months….not a bread-based diet (or sandwich-based), everything was bought fresh daily, fruit was in the back yard, hardly any pre-packaged stuff…also not a lot of pasta-based dishes. NOTHING else has ever for me. You do have to work at it though. It’s not convenient. But it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle …

“Changing dietary habits can be challenging, but once you are in the new habit you’ll never want to go back. Next month I’ll offer some suggestions on ways eat when going to restaurants.

Best regards,

Wiley Long

“P.S. – If you would like to better understand why this diet works so well and the science behind us, you should get our latest DVD, Acne Vulgaris: A Disease of Western Civilization. It is available from our website”

Wiley Long
Business Director
Paleo Diet Enterprises LLC

Rollersuit in the Swiss Alps (Glumbert)

November 1, 2007

Rollersuit video

Amazing… !   🙂