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AUS TRIP ’07 – [WARNING: some motorcycle & bicycle pics] [Rating: PG]

September 9, 2007

To friends/family (cc NSWPiRiders, Armidale D.O (Jane/Ken) etc)

Some pics (for those interested – and not so interested – in
motorbikes) from our recent AUS TRIP by m/bike.

For those who have expressed interest, the rest of the pics (nice
pics, mostly by J.) from the trip will have to wait probably until
after we get back from upcoming (shorter!) trips, and may be posted
to the Picasaweb site.

(Other trip posts – sans pics – are at ‘the blog’: http:// )

1.Tent and Bike, Cairns Qld

2.Outside Georgetown Qld where we dropped the bike at lookout
(Nothing serious: just slipped on a big rock. Getting the bike up was ‘interesting’. ‘Good thing J does resistance training and is a lot stronger than she looks. 😉

One Andy Strap was missing by this stage: it got eaten by the back wheel on the Atherton Tableland.

3.Mt Isa…two cyclists + dog from Geelong doing the ‘Round AUS thing..

Most impressive was the Danish cyclist on recumbent (bicycle) averaging ~ 200 km/day.
(The Dane also had a Honda VFR and dirt bikes, and thought BMWs were for older persons. He had great self-belief (and a big bank account?) …necessary for such a trip. He was also able to manage on not more than a few hours sleep/night. This was his first big trip on a recumbent…(‘mostly rides ‘proper’ bikes :-)… MTBs etc)

4.Dutch motorcyclist on BMW R80. Mt Isa QLD. He had ridden through Europe, the Middle East, India etc before coming to Australia.
The rear rack resembled a giant horseshoe (He then told me that he makes horse shoes back home in Holland).

His other bike was a KTM 950 (990?) Adventure. (The orange over-suit is a KTM one)


6.AUS TRIP ’07. 1914 Douglas in fruit display at IGA supermarket Kununurra WA.
(No oil or brake fluid detected in the fruit we bought)

7.Dirty ‘Zed’ [BMW R1200 GA Adventure] – with BestRest* gear – at Peter and Annette’s, Wodonga Vic. (It took ~ 3-4 washes to get Zed reasonably clean).

Thanks again to those who supported/encouraged us.

Stephen L


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Solus Christus

*BestRest: ;

(PS Stuart..they told me at BMW Perth that the F650 is no more, and that a F800 GS is coming out next year..But maybe you already knew that. Does Cate? 🙂

Hmmm.. I wonder if I could cycle around Australia…. 🙂