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Beta Blogger and browsers

October 15, 2006

This from the Blogger folks:

“Blogger Updates
Browser compatibility. The current version of the beta works best in Firefox and Internet Explorer. We are working to resolve issues with other browsers, specifically Safari.”

Alas, I seem to like what is least acceptable. I like Opera best in Windows world, followed by FireFox, then Internet Explorer.

Meanwhile in Mac world, I mainly use Safari, and sometimes Opera – and briefly had FireFox loaded on the machine, but then gave it the flick. I only had access to the option of switching to beta Blogger while using Firefox.

FireFox is very good, but…

I briefly loaded Thunderbird this arvo as well, though I am pretty much committed to Apple Mail on this iMac. (At work I suffer LotusNotes). Thunderbird didn’t last long: it doesn’t seem to have specific import tools relating to Apple Mail settings/mail, nor to Address Book…(but it does have specific settings for Eudora). ‘What a crock”, I thought, and consigned T-bird to trash.