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Recent studies on Diet and Acne

May 30, 2007

Acne is not an issue for me, but it is for many. Also, the acne story is part of a bigger, fascinating story on the relationship between diet and health, more specifically, the modern western diet and “the Paleolithic diet”.

The following is from a recent newsletter from Prof Cordain and colleagues. For more, go to ‘the PaleoDiet website’.

“Recent studies on Diet and Acne

In May of 2006, Harvard researchers published a study titled Milk consumption and acne in adolescent girls. That study included 6,094 girls, aged 9-15 years, who reported dietary intake on up to three food frequency questionnaires for three years. The researchers found a positive association between intake of milk and acne.

Now just one year later, a new study is now about to be published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology: The effect of a high-protein, low glycemic-load diet on biochemical parameters associated with acne vulgaris: A randomized, investigator-masked, controlled trial. In this study, 43 male patients completed a 12-week dietary intervention study, eating a “low glycemic load” diet, also higher in protein. Dramatic before and after pictures illustrate the conclusions of the study suggesting that nutrition-related factors do play a role in acne pathogenesis.

Not only was total acne lesion count significantly reduced, but circulating androgen levels were reduced and insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1 (IGFBP-1) was increased. As you know from page 41 of The Dietary Cure for Acne, increased androgen levels directly stimulate overproduction of oil from the sebaceous gland.

IBFBP-1 binds IGF-1, making it less available, a good thing. On page 49 we discuss how increased IGF-1 may stimulate overproduction of skin cells, ultimately leading to pore blockage.

So this is the first modern study to show that diet underlies acne. The participants in the above study ate a diet with a higher protein level and a lower glycemic load, and showed significant improvement. They did however eat dairy, pasta, and other foods that likely had a negative effect. It will be very interesting to see how these results may improve in future studies that incorporate all of the recommendations from The Dietary Cure for Acne.

Dietary Implications for the Development of Acne: A Shifting Paradigm

The dermatology textbooks still teach that diet and acne are unrelated, but that myth will soon be dissolving. Dr. Cordain recently wrote a paper in U.S. Dermatology Review (available at, Dietary Implications for the Development of Acne: A Shifting Paradigm, which discusses the recent studies and new findings.”

The dermatology textbooks still teach that diet and acne are unrelated, but that myth will soon be dissolving. Dr. Cordain recently wrote a paper in U.S. Dermatology Review (available at, Dietary Implications for the Development of Acne: A Shifting Paradigm, which discusses the recent studies and new findings.

rechargeable batteries (Sanyo Eneloop)

May 27, 2007
‘Was thinking about rechargeable AAs for cameras etc for upcoming trips, but read an article somewhere that rechargeables are not worth it (especially if you don’t factor in environmental aspects) for many things (eg flashlights etc), but are for others…eg high drain/frequently used things like dig. cameras.

Part of the reasoning was based on the assumption that rechargeables like NiCads and NiMHs lose their charge a lot faster in storage than non-rechargeable alkaline AAs (Eveready, Duracell). Li-Ion batteries of course are the bee’s knees in rechargeables but are expensive and hard to get in convenient configurations (eg AAs. AAAs) as far as I know.

As for NiCads, ..well I don’t even consider them anymore.

But there is a newer type of NiMH on the market and that is Sanyos ‘Eneloop’. This has all the advantages of other NiMHs, but doesn’t have the disadvantage of slow discharge…(eg around 1% / day I have found). The Eneloops come out of the pack from the shop fully charged, and have a similar shelf life to ordinary non-rechargeable alkalines. For a pack of 4 AAs, they cost about $24 from Dick Smith (DSE), similar to ordinary NiMHs. This seems like a lot but it works out cheaper if you go thru a lot of AAs (or AAAs) (even when comparing with the plethora of cheaper alkalines from places like Supercheap Autos)

I have been using Sanyo Eneloops for a while in my/J’s dig. cameras, and also in bicycle lighting. I now wish I didn’t have all those other/older, ‘ordinary’ NiMHs…(which slowly go flat in storage)

The charger I got from DSE will do AAs or AAAs, and can be used on 240v mains, or via a car charger, which means I can use it with the car (obviously), or the bike.

Of course this may all be old news to you, or of no interest, but it could be of use to someone.


Iosa Chrìosd – Wikipedia

May 1, 2007

Iosa Chrìosd – Wikipedia

Iosa Chrìosd
As a’Wikipedia
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R. Bethlehem, mu 4 R.C. B. Ierusalem mu 33 B.C.

Mac Dhe. Slanaighear. Mac an Duine.

‘Se Iosa an duine a thòisich an creideamh Crìosdaidh le na thuirt e is na theagaisg e. Tha e cuideachd air ainmeachadh mar “Iosa Crìosd” no direach “Crìosd”. Tha an t-ainm Iosa a tighean bhon ainm Eabhra (Hebrew) “Yeshua” a tha tighean bho “Yehovah-shua” a ciallachadh “Glèidhidh Dia.” Tha am facal Crìosd a tighean ‘on facal Greugais “Khristós” (Χριστός) a ciallachadh “an neach coisrigeach.” Tha am facal Eabhra “Moshiach”, no Mesiah ‘sa Ghàidhlig agus ‘sa Bheurla, a ciallachadh an aon rud ris an Greugais Khristós.

‘Sann anns an Tiomnadh Nuadh ‘sa Bhìoball a lorgas sinn na sgeulachdan mu Iosa. Cha do sgrìobh duine mu dheidhinn nuair a bha e beò agus mar sin chan eil sinn cho eolach air a bheatha ‘sa bhitheadh sinn an dochas.

Tha am Bìoball ag ràdh gun robh Iosa beò ann an àm Impireachd an Roimh anns an dùthaich far a bheil Israel an diugh. Chaidh a’ bhreith fhads a bha a mhathair agus athair a fuireach ann an sabhal seach nach robh rum anns na taighean-òsda. Tha latha Nollaig againn mar latha-saor airson seo a chuimhneachadh.

Nuair a dh’fhàs Iosa na inbheach thoisich e a siubhal mun dùthaich a teagaisg agus an innis sgeulachdan. Bha e a teagaisg gum bu choir do dhaoine gaol a thoirt do Dhia agus cuideachadh a thoirt do cheile.

Bha gu leor ag radh gum b’urrainn dha mìorbhail a dheanamh mar uisge a thiondadh gu fion, slàinte a thoirt air fhais do dhaoine tinn agus fiù beatha thoirt air fhais do feadhainn a bhàsaich.

Nuair a dh’fhàs Iosa ainmeil chaidh e gu Ierusalem. An sin thiondaidh na sagairtean cùmhachdach Iùthach na aghaidh agus chaidh a mharbhadh le na Romanaich air A’ Chrois.
Air tarraing à “”

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