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AUS Trip Day 0 [30 June 07; tripmeter : 0]

June 30, 2007

The bike is ready and most of the packing is done.

Cold weather here, but hopefully more sun tomorrow and a bit warmer
(it should get to 10 degrees) when we ride to Brisbane, Deo volente.


Dietary Cure for Acne Update: What to eat

June 30, 2007

A newsletter I just received.  The ‘Dietary Cure for Acne’ and ‘The Paleo Diet’ are one and the same.

Begin forwarded message:

Dr. Cordain’s latest scientific article on the relationship between acne and diet was published in U.S. Dermatology Review, and is available here:


I’m interested to know how the program is working for you.  Are you seeing good results?


The biggest challenge most people face is simply changing their eating habits.  After years of starting your day with cereal or a bagel, or a fast food lunch routine, changing the way you eat can seem a little difficult at first.  But after you get the hang of it, it’s really not!


Remember, everyone is different, so once your acne has cleared you’ll need to experiment to see how much you can stray.  But here are some quick ideas:




The easiest thing to do is often last night’s leftovers.  Who says breakfast has to be a certain kind of “morning” food?  You could also do a large veggie omelet, or if you’re in a hurry maybe hard boil some eggs ahead of time, and grab one along with an apple as you head out the door.


Lunch –


If you’re used to eating out at lunch time, this meal can be more challenging.  But if you can pack a lunch, it’s a cinch.  Bring a chicken breast (or two) along with some fruit, and maybe some nuts or carrots for snacking on later. 


Dinner –


Its summer time, why not grill something – maybe the meat or fish, along with some vegetables.  Or make a large salad, and throw on some flank steak. 


There are loads of possibilities, it just takes a little planning and moving out of established habits.


Let me know how things are going for you, and if you have any food suggestions you’d like to share.


Best regards,


Wiley Long